It’s only a World Cup 3rd Place Play Off

July 14th, 2018 by Abbey Abbott

It’s 3rd Place play off day and can I be bothered to watch it, of course I can. It’s England! So as the mood takes me, I’m writing but not really in the mood after having watched the match earlier today.  I went to Urban Lounge, a bar on the bay road strip of Cala De Bou, but commonly thought of as part of San Antonio in Ibiza.  Originally I was sat on my own but just before the game started, a group of lads , around 10 in all sat around me and the TV.  Usual lads on tour.  Well, nothing really to report unusual, just the usual banter, I thought they were Boreham Wood fans and it turns out they were Arsenal.  I told a fella to carry on, he said ” I take it your not then?”  No.  I? left it at that… The match was pretty nondescript for me, undone by two goals and we finished fourth in the World Cup.  Ive read so many comments saying that no one actually thought we could win it, but, you know what?  I actually did.  I can see that we are nowhere near where we need to be, but what if Kane had passed instead of trying to score himself?  In all fairness he actually should have scored!  We would have been 2-0 up and football being football, things change.  The final is tomorrow and who knows what would happen.  Southgate, the Manager, said there are fine margins in International Football.  I think he is right and the game is all about the beauty of the if’s and but’s. With a little more luck we could at least have been in the final.  No one will read this until well after and we are all back home, but will we reflect in time to come, just how close we were, or were we actually just lucky to get as far as we did.  Either way the roller coaster ride was a good one.  I did say nothing to report, the steak baguette was good, I’d recommend it..

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