My 2013 Century Of Facts

July 15th, 2018 by Abbey Abbott

My Century of Facts (Or Trivial Trivia)

Originally Posted on August 9, 2013, updated April 2020

 1.      I was born at an early age. Harold Macmillan was Prime Minister, Ipswich Town had won the 1st Division.

2.      I´m still alive, but had a big scare once. I’m lucky to be here.

3.      I have brown hair.

4.      I have blue eyes.

5.      I’m 6′ 2″ but getting wider by the minute.

6.      I am happy to have reached the age of 50, probably 51 now… (57 actually at the time of update)

7.      I vote Conservative in the UK.  Is there a decent alternative?

8.      I have one brother. He lives in Huddersfield, rather him than me!

9.      I have niece´s and nephew´s all over the UK.

10.  I also have cousins all over the UK.

11.  My parents live in the same town as me

12.  I love my home Town, not many do…or do they, actually I think they do!

13.  I am a unattached Mason

14.  I drive an E Class Mercedes, a Mini and a Van for fun!

15.  I have a moped in Spain. I nearly killed myself in 2019, don’t be like Dave kids..

16.  I picked the colour of my car from new, great feeling that.

17.  I think best when I’m alone, but who doesn’t?

18.  I hate being late but always push the boundaries.

19.  I cut things fine too much and I try not to panic.  After what I’ve been through most things are a doddle.

20.  I love reading when I can, and try to as much as I can but not always possible.  I’ve got stack of books, magazines and all sorts!

21.  I don’t read many novels, I prefer fact not fiction.

22.  John Grisham is a good exception however I can’t remember last time I read one of his books.

23.  I subscribe to Four Four Two, Lonely Planet and All About History

24.  When I was a kid my favourite books were Wolf Cub Island and Scouting for Boys, I have them both.

25.  I cannot play a musical instrument but I wish I could.  Tried to learn drums a couple of years back but didn’t really have space or time.

26.  When I was in Senior School I once played Prime Minister in a school drama.  Still remember that with affection, was a great lesson.

27.  My favourite musician is (2013) currently Professor Green, I´m a huge Midge Ure fan.

28.  My favourite band is Ultravox, I´m also a Duranny on the quiet…

29.  I joined a gym, something I never ever saw the point of until now.  But since I last wrote this my knee has gone and basically, I’m a disaster..See 15.

30.  I wish I had a personal motivator.

31.  I get bored too quick, well not so much bored as uninterested, I move on too quick.

32.  I love walking my dog.  Sadly she passed away 4th January 2016.  I miss her more than anything in the world. Broke my heart. 🙁

33.  I played football for Waltham Abbey United Under 13´s but we lost heavily every game that I remember and folded.

34.  I started playing again at the age of 19 for Waltham Abbey on Sundays.

35.  I support Tottenham Hotspur, thats enough to make anyone age I can tell you!

36.  I played Sundays for Waltham Abbey, Vango, Everest, Beechfield, Benson’s, Ninefields and Larsen’s

37.  I played Saturdays for Larsen’s (New Inn) and North Enfield, Enfield Res and Waltham Abbey.  Had a couple of games for a team called White Star too.  Midweek I played for Mount Pleasant Post Office.

38.  Chicken is probably my favourite food but you cant´t beat a great T Bone steak or decent rib eye..

39.  Beer is my drink of choice, Mahou is preferred in Spain, a decent Fosters in the UK.  I like the odd Morretti nowadays.  Tbf San Miguel has come on a long way and ranks up there when you get a good pint poured, especially in the new glasses.

40.  I hate cheese. But strangely enough, I can eat – Feta Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Cheese on Pizzas, Halloumi Cheese and stuff like that.  A lump of Cheddar type and I’m heaving…

41.  I can eat Cheeseburgers.  They have that square cheese on them.

42.  I live in a house built in the 50’s.

43.  It is not my dream house, but it´s a great house.

44.  Go Gators! I love Florida.  I love the USA.  Recently went to New York and loved it. I’m going back as soon as I can.

45.  I don’t go to church, never have except Weddings and Funerals, I often think I´d like to go one day just to see what it´s like.

46.  I am not religious but even the curious have to wonder.

47.  I am not the life of the party, I just like to have life at the party!

48.  I do like to think I have a great sense of humour even if others don’t always get it.  I see the funny side too much I think

49. Lee Mack and Jimmy Carr are currently my favourite comedians.

50.  Tim Vine is king though…

51.  I watch TV, but mainly Discovery Channel or Sport.  I cannot watch reality TV or Soap shit.

52.  I don’t wear a watch. I want both arms to weigh the same. Thats not true I do wear a watch.  Well I did until I fell off my moped and broke it

53.  My favourite film is Leon, I enjoy Top Gun and Hannibal is just class.

54.  I love history and nostalgia.

55.  I love Geography even more.

56.  My favourite colour is green.

57.  I have a unique nickname amongst friends from when I was a kid.

58.  It´s Doog, after Derek Dougan the Northern Ireland and Wolves footballer

59.  I do not have a middle name

60.  At work I´m known as Dangerous Dave or Peligrosso.

61.  I have a pseudonym, Dave Daniels.

62.  I love traveling and flying.

63.  My best holiday is the next one, however Cancun takes some beating.  Barbados was a blast.

64.  I´ve been in a helicopter twice, once in Barbados and once in Dominican Republic.

65.  I would like to go up in a Huey and a Chinook.

66.  I would also like to ride in a Hawker Harrier.

67.  But to ride in a Spitfire would be a dream come true.

68.  Ive had flying lessons and go on geeky ATC sites and listen to air traffic.

69.  I have been lucky enough to go in a flight simulator that cost 26million.  Awesome experience.

70.  When I was a teenager, I had long hair, so glad I cut it all off years ago.

71.  The worst job I’ve had was in a metalwork factory, hands were just sponsored by Swarfega

72.  My best job is my current one.  Ive had plenty in my time since leaving school.

73.  I once worked on an Ice Cream van for a day but threw up so had to leave early, the smell and the stop start made me ill.

74.  I wish I could write a book, but who doesn’t want to do that? I love writing when I’m in the mood.

75.  There is nothing better than cold Mahou on a hot day. Had to mention that again.

76.  I used to hate Coffee but drink it every day now.

77.  I also hated Tomatoes for years, love them now.

78.  My favourite months are August and December

79.  My favourite holiday is Ascension Day

80.  I only took a few exams because I couldn’t be bothered to go.

81.  I’m a Leo

82.  I’m special, just like the other 6,636,639,476 people on Earth.

83.  I’m not competitive enough.

84.  I have never been married.

85.  I have no children.

86.  I have a fear of heights but I love the adrenaline buzz.

87.  I have done a bungee jump.

88.  I have no allergies.

89.  My first memories are Mrs Little next door and holidays on the Isle of Wight.

90.  I lived in Hoddesdon UK for 5 Years and Marbella Spain for 2, I still love my home town of Waltham Abbey, Essex, UK

91.  I don’t think I’m not a natural leader, but if there’s no leader in the group I usually take over.

92.  I am not in the least bit domesticated.

93.  I have never decorated a room or painted a wall.

94.  Cars are for driving and putting petrol in, I hate cleaning them…so I don’t.

95.  I love dogs, everyone should have on at least once in their lifetime.

96.  Cats are pretty well down the list, evil things with the odd exception.

97.  Football is my chosen sport, I wish I could still play.

98.  I love my friends, the ones who know who they are.

99.  I detest cigarettes.

100.       You will never see me on the dance floor in a nightclub. Not true either, it has been known.

101.   Life has never been better.  I know, thats 101.


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