Michael Smith

Michael "Micky" Smith was a popular figure in the Town of Waltham Abbey having been the landlord of the popular Queens Arms in the market square for many years in its hey day.  Mick went on to become the steward of the Conservative Club in Honey Lane for many years after before retiring.  Mick lived in Skegness and would drive back and forth every week to go to work at the "Connie".  If memory recalls he had an enormous affection for Butlins memorabilia and also collected Speedway programs and had one of the best in the world.

Apart from pub experiences I remember when I was running the A team in the Brooke Waltham and District Saturday League and we couldn't get a side out.  Roy Ackrill came into the club and heard the probelm and rallied round to get a side up.  As we drove through the Abbey in Roy's yellow van we passed the Queens on our way to the Waltham Cross playing fields, Roy dragged Micky out of the pub.  Micky was protesting, "I cant play football at my age"  Roy said "youll be alright you can go in goal".  We were playing the top side Warwick Argyle.   Around 20 minutes in Micky dived for a ball and had to go off in clear agony.  We finished the game with 9 men as yours truly got sent off for fighting.  We lost 15-0!  When we got back to the club, Secretary Charlie May shouted "never in all my time has any team in this club lost 15-0".  Micky Smith walked through the door with his arm in a sling moaning he couldn't work tonight, he had dislocated his shoulder in the dive!