First Day, First Post, First Waffle

July 17th, 2018 by Abbey Abbott

First Day, First Post, First Waffle
I originally posted this on March 27, 2013 on my first blog site and I thought I’d place it here for posterity!  How a blog can be born I guess.

Well it wasn’t exactly the first day I´d been on a tube but for the purpose here, and to relive the boredom, here goes. I´ll keep it short and sweet… Debden to Piccadilly at 7-10pm with the return at 11-20pm, yesterday btw. No one ever talks, well very rarely…the journey home saw a well dressed drunk city gent mumbling to himself while he dropped his rucksack, probably with his empty sandwich Tupperware box inside. The girl opposite, a white coat with furry thing round dangling and black trousers glanced over. We had both been watching the fella and she smiled. I returned the compliment and that was it. This blog was born…

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