Humble Home

May 10th, 2020 by Abbey Abbott

Despite the club not actually moving into Senior football until the 70’s the origins of our old humble stand go back to at least 1954-55 when the footings were first built and covered accommodation erected pitch side.

Before this picture taken in the 80’s the stand had a corrugated iron roof and back which rusted away over the years. The early 80’s saw the breeze block back put in and a new roof with asphalt covering. The front and sides undertook yet another coat of paint to keep them going. It was a little later in the decade though that the old girl finally gave way. During a storm overnight the wooden timbers, so long a stalwart, gave way and members turned up at the ground to see the old girl flattened by the overnight winds.

A new square version was rebuilt to take her place with a donation from the council. The steps still existing were then incorporated into the new stand which we see today. Observant spectators may see that the stand is at an angle to the pitch to match the original 1954/5 building and I believe the steps can still be seen nearer the middle of the present structure.

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