The Joy of Making a Website

April 2nd, 2020 by Abbey Abbott

After deciding that I finally wanted to get working on my website again I realised some 5 hours later that I had completely forgotten how to make a web site!  I have basically started from scratch.  It's a work in progress as they always are, so I hope you enjoy and maybe find something of interest.  I have decided to write this comment to remind me to keep going!  Have fun people..


The Start of a New Beginnning

April 2nd, 2020 by Abbey Abbott

It's April 2nd 2020, this was going to be our year.  Instead it has turned out to be everyone's year!  The world is in pandemic due to Covid 19 and the worlds population is basically in mass lock down.  Working, if possible, from home is the norm.  Could this be my chance to finally get this project off the ground and give it the time I feel it deserves after years of procrastination.  Let's give it a go.   Its going to be a long slog but I'll give it another shot.

Apologies if you click on a year and it says Under Research.  I wanted to get every season on board and work from there.  It's a huge project researching and scanning etc but we will get there. Thanks

Pre-Season thoughts on Waltham Abbey FC 2018-19

July 21st, 2018 by Abbey Abbott

The publicity officer from the Isthmian League asked supporters for their thoughts  on things football past and future, click the link to see mine.  I thought it worthy of posting as after all, they are more words from me!

Isthmian League Website

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