May 19th, 2020 by Abbey Abbott

Great Photo From 1973

Beechfield Football Club is engrained in the history of Waltham Abbey FC as research tells me that way back in the 1940's there was an original Beechfield that amalgamated with Abbey Sports in the early 1950's. To my knowledge (and I would most welcome feedback on this), when I was a youngster in the 60's Beechfield was restarted, and don't quote me, by people such as Charlie Sharp, John Woodward, Stan Edmans and Brian Gilson who all lived in Beechfield Walk at the time.  (Confirmation on  the history would be great) The famous Green Hut which stood for years was the headquarters until the amalgamation with Waltham Abbey United in 1974.  Beechfield was originally a Sunday section but went onto to play in the Northern Suburban Saturday League and had many famous battles with Waltham Abbey United, again before the amalgamation.

The photo below is one of the Youth teams from Beechfield pictured in 1973, only recently obtained for my history files. (Thanks to Graham Sheridan)

Back Row L > R : Barry Edmans, Nicky Skinner, Steve Hennessey, Paul Bridges, Ian Ladyman, Brian Paisley, Paul Thomson, Les Slater Manager.
Front Row L > R : Graham Sheridan , Steve McRoe, Mark Kelsey, Martin Gilson, Johhny Herbert, Jon Haldane

Beechfield 1973

80’s Memories

May 12th, 2020 by Abbey Abbott

Pictures from the old entrance that originally came out on the other side of the allotments that have survived to date.  These photos are early 1980's probably just before the M25 started construction.  It looks like a couple of the big trees that ran alongside the river were felled and the river itself was "tidied" up ready for re-routing.  Things that those of you who have keen eyes can see are: the red phone box in Beechfield Walk that is no longer there.  The pitch goals on the other side of the river where our A and B teams used to play, alongside numerous others on Sundays.  The swimming pool is in the background, sadly demolished at the end of 2019.  Some of the old blue swings that were in the park are in the photos about to come to the end of their life.  The original old clubhouse that stood where our beer garden is today can also be seen.  For the purists and Beechfield fans the old famous Green Hut can be seen in the distance of at least one of the photos.

Apologies if the pictures all show, they are meant to be in a sliding gallery. (Technology!)

Humble Home

May 10th, 2020 by Abbey Abbott

Despite the club not actually moving into Senior football until the 70’s the origins of our old humble stand go back to at least 1954-55 when the footings were first built and covered accommodation erected pitch side.

Before this picture taken in the 80’s the stand had a corrugated iron roof and back which rusted away over the years. The early 80’s saw the breeze block back put in and a new roof with asphalt covering. The front and sides undertook yet another coat of paint to keep them going. It was a little later in the decade though that the old girl finally gave way. During a storm overnight the wooden timbers, so long a stalwart, gave way and members turned up at the ground to see the old girl flattened by the overnight winds.

A new square version was rebuilt to take her place with a donation from the council. The steps still existing were then incorporated into the new stand which we see today. Observant spectators may see that the stand is at an angle to the pitch to match the original 1954/5 building and I believe the steps can still be seen nearer the middle of the present structure.

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70’s Memories

May 3rd, 2020 by Abbey Abbott

Every now and then pictures such as this one that I class as gold dust appear, to me this is no exception!  In the 70's Waltham Abbey FC was on the rise for sure and the football club was a great place to be.  If anyone has a story and/or knows the exact year I'd love to hear from you.

Pictured where today the car park now sits, with the allotments in the background before the new club house entrance road was built are :

Dave Hellen, Andre Gascoine, Robert Brace, Ian Matthews, Philip Argent
Gary Towner, Gavin Harman, Mark Atfield, Paul Holloway
Ian Spillett, Gary Matthews, Tony Footman

Youth 1970's