The World is full of Wobbly Tables
Posted on February 16, 2015
How many times have you been out to a restaurant or bar and sat down to enjoy your time out with dinner and a beer or wine and the table starts to wobble? This has happened to me hundreds of times so it must have happened to you! A quick beer mat or tissue under the leg and it’s sorted, yeah but how annoying! I thought I’d write about the phenomenon, we have all experienced it at one point or another!

Wednesday 8th August 2018

Today I’m visiting Ocean Beach Ibiza for breakfast even though it is half past one, I’ve order Poached eggs with salmon. Lovely! Only a minor wobble on the table not enough to disturb but enough for inclusion! No need to give a rating here food and venue are fantastic!

Sat 14th November 2015
Today I’m in Royal Garden restaurant on the beach front in Tenerife Las Americas, just in front of the infamous Veronicas strip. Nice views of the surf from here and great service from friendly staff. Great coffee and I indulged in some tapas which were reasonably priced and actually spot on. Recommended entirely. However, someone’s put the boot in!

The fantastically warm weather couple with a decent breeze did not stop the local flies who don’t seem to understand English for “go away”! Anyway I was in a sheltered area of the restaurant so probably my fault. But don’t let me put you off by mentioning that superb place to watch the world go by from before or after a walk along the pasaeo. Great comfy seats too. Our table – usual plastic affair nicely decorated but with a wobble in the red zone. I had to lean on to stop my boot spilling at times and there was no hope of a cure for the is one, unless a passing lumberjack was in hand to provide a willow wedge! W/R 8/10 R/R 8/10

The first wobbly table for the blog, (pictured above) comes from L’Assieta in Sauze Doulx, Italy.  Strange enough all ok until the pizzas arrived. Great little popular restaurant in the middle of the village. A 7/10 for sure!

Today’s wobbly comes from Kasbah Bay restaurant in San Antonio Bay road Ibiza. The tables actually look a bit dangerous down below with sharp edges someone is bound to catch a toe on sooner or later.  All tables have evidence of cardboard underneath the struts and it’s a relatively flat floor.  However on the plus side the roast dinners here are superb and I’m about to tuck into my beef.   Table wobbly rating 5/10. Food 8/10