The International Youth Tournament

One of the greatest things in the club history giving me some of the best football memories of my life.

The International Youth Tournament started in 1974 and the first tournament took place in Leerdam, Holland.

It it recognised however that the "first" ongoing tournament took place at Waltham Abbey FC in 1975.  I have been lucky enough to have obtained a couple of copies of the program.

A tournament to promote good relations between the Youth of our countries, there is no better vehicle than sport to do this. Over the years many adult friendships have blossomed and of course children who took part in the early years are all now adults and some keep in touch.

Sadly Waltham Abbey FC had to drop out in the 2000's as our Youth Section dwindled and on occasion we had to ask other clubs to represent us to keep going.

The tournament continued with clubs such as Harlow Town and Phoenix Sports from Kent taking our place, but at the time of writing, I have since heard that in 2020 there will be no tournament.  The Danish side Vejle BK have disbanded their Youth Section and also dropped out.

With our club in local talks with another Youth set up, it is my wish that we can re-join this great tournament again one day and rekindle the great spirit that we looked forward to every year.