Club Organisation

President : Arthur Kemp
Deputy President : Dick Pritchard

Chairman : Stan Hodges
Hon Secretary : John (Charlie) May
Treasurer : Mo Bennett
Football Secretary : Dennis Cordell

1st Eleven Manager : Billy Broomfield

Social Secretary : Bob Sharpe
Membership Secretary : Dave Knight
Press Officer : Stan Hall
Youth Representative : Barry Pegrum

Youth Managers

U16 : Unknown
U15 : Laurie Howard
U14 : ? Heathcote
U13 : Taffy Evans
U12 : Ron Rawlings
Colts : Brian Curme

Events and Press

Plans were passed for a clubhouse extension and new garage. Garage cost estimate was £500 to build

Charlie Sharp was given a vote of thanks for all his work for the club

Special Meeting 28th August 1976
The Football Secretary reported that "he didn't think that Billy Broomfield was pulling his weight in training and had introduced no new players in training"
Arthur Kemp, the President, agreed to have a word with him.  At the next meeting Arthur reported that "he had had a word with him to pull his socks up, he wanted the league title this year!"

August 10th 1976.
The garage was now finished.  The clubhouse extension was estimated at £3750.

1976 Pitch barrier started around the pitch.  Alan Hayward doing the works.


Please email me if you can fill in any gaps, have any photos, press cuttings or general information from this era.  Thank You.