Roy and Jean Brownjohn

Roy Brownjohn 1935-2008

Roy worked endlessly and tirelessly for the youth of Waltham Abbey running local Abbey Youth FC for many years before his sad passing at the age of 73.

Whatever your memories of Roy, no one could ever doubt his commitment to his club, his players and the game of football in Waltham Abbey over many many years.

Roy truly deserves the Waltham Abbey accolade of football legend in the Town and quite rightly so.  Roy also became Town Mayor in 2002 and was awarded the Freedom of the Town in 2008, both a tremendous mark of respect and esteem that Roy held in the town.



Jean Brownjohn 1945-2005

Whatever the accolades lauded on Roy the same must be said of Jean. Alongside Roy, the couple together showed ultimate commitment to Youth Football and their lives literally revolved around Abbey Youth FC.