No Longer Alone?

October 28th, 2020 by Abbey Abbott

I visited Barking last night for our league game (in which we went down 3-0), and for the first time probably, in around my 40 odd years of supporting the club, my mind came to the conclusion that finally, maybe, just maybe, I'm no longer alone!  Attendances this season have gone up all around non league, it has to be said, mainly due to the Covid crisis.  Fans cannot go and watch the pro teams at the moment and are getting their football fix elsewhere.  When the "game" returns hopefully the clubs will have done enough to retain the new found support.  So where was I, ah yeah  Last night the attendance was given as 103.  Driving home I began to have a tot up and I counted at least 31 of those were from the Abbey.  At least 30% of the crowd.  In my time it's never really been heard of.  You know that old saying, one man and his dog?  Well usually I seem to be that man without his dog!   Our home gates have gone up and finally it looks like Im not alone anymore at away games!


Thanks guys...  I'll revisit this blog later!

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