In Memory

I would like to dedicate this page to the memories of many people who have either worked for the club or walked through the doors and turnstiles of not only the club in it's present form but its early predecessors.  Also many others, through the common bond of local sport and friendliness we have also lost and should remember.

Joe Kox
Derek Bird
Charlie May
David Goatley
Gary Rudkin
Joe Harley
John King
Brian Gilson
Billy Broomfield
Dick Pritchard
Arthur Kemp
Alec Myers
Dennis Cordell
Val Cordell
Tom Flynn
Peter Tomlinson
Pat Jones
Harry Saw
Stan & Maureen Hodges
Dave Peck
Steve Woodward
Sid & Pauline Harmer
Derek & Pat Ridgewell
Terry Page
Bill Whiten
Mark Louth
John King
Ian Mitchell
Michael Smith
Roy Ackrill
Phil Doyley
Keith Williams
Dominic Gentle
Sandra Collins

Roy and Jean Brownjohn
Fred Beer
Roy Bailey
Lyndon Groucott
Margaret Errington
Graham Bint
John Stocker

Please note this list is not exhaustive, if you wish anyone to be added please feel free to send me the names and if possible a little about the person who has left us.  Thank you.