The Abbott’s Memoirs

The World is Full of Wobbly Tables

Ever noticed, every time you go to a restaurant the table is always wobbly?  I have!Wobbly Tables

Favourite Places

I quite often leave reviews on Travel sites, I thought I’d record them here also!Where I’ve Been!

Boys Toys

We all had hobbies as kids right?  Loved my games and toys over the years and still secretly collect when I can!Learn More

An Introduction

I actually love writing, I love the Town of Waltham Abbey, Essex, England where I was born and for some insane reason I am ingrained in the history of Waltham Abbey Football Club.

I used to have my own Club History website but over the years but cyber problems have meant that I lost most of my work at various times.  I will try again here though, lets call it a work in progress.

I have other things (like most) that I am interested in so you will see this site will be a mish mash of memories and thoughts over time, things to look back on and maybe things to look forward to. I guess it’s going to be about me, maybe you and all of the wonderful people that have been a part of my life.

If you have stumbled upon my site, enjoy what you see, comments always welcome. Lastly I am one of those who start something, fire into it and leave for a while and come back with renewed fervour so bare that in mind.  Thanks

Dave Hodges
Written 2013

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