Gary Rudkin Memorial Shield

The Gary Rudkin Memorial Shield was put up by the committee in memory of Gary and awarded to the Clubman of The Year.  Of course Clubman meaning person or persons or on one previous occasion entity.

Sadly with changes of committee, over the years, the award seems to have been dropped along with many protocols at award ceremonies.  Club stalwart Colin Winter was quite fittingly awarded the shield in the inaugural year.

Past winners :

1987-88 Colin Winter
1988-89 Steve Waite
1989-90 Steve Woodward
1990-91 Joe Collins
1991-92 Dave Peck
1992-93 Unknown
1993-94 Denis Tekell
1994-95 Alan Jones
1995-96 Graeme Roberts
1996-97 Joe Collins
1997-98 Alec Myers
1998-99 Mark Mennall
1999-00 Lee Johnson
2000-01 Dave Marrion
2001-02 Bobby Ballard
2002-03 Alan Power
2003-04 Colin & Julie Read
2004-05 Garry Sontag
2005-06 The Club