The website builder has a theme and this is part of it so I thought I would leave it here.  I do actually get asked questions frequently!  Mainly about, well read below..

How did you get your job?

This has two answers the short version or the long. The short, I was in the right place at the right time and had the bottle to ask?  (There's a lesson there, what was the worst that could happen?)  I will at some time in the future write about this.

Can I get you into Ocean Beach Ibiza?

I think with an average of 300 employees working there and hundreds on the peripheral it's a great idea to get everyone in for free so that those employees would be working for nothing!  I appreciate the requests but seriously, my guest list consists of close friends and family only, and thats if they are lucky! Don't forget I don't own the place either!

Can I get tickets for Cup Finals?

I am in the same boat as everyone these days, my ticket office mates at Spurs are long gone also.  When it comes to games I use my contacts the same as you are asking me.  Good luck, get me one while your there, cheers!

Can you put me on the gate?

Often get this back at Waltham Abbey FC, and to be honest unless you are a ex player or served the club and football I find this quite unfair on the club.  Everyday we are looking for income to survive and paying to watch the matches is our best source of income.  It's not like it's breaking your bank now is it?