Didn’t hear it, didn’t see it…

I feel like I´m due a little moan up and I´m wondering what everyone else thinks about this issue.  It may only be relevant to those who were around yesterday but I´m sure all football fans can relate in someway to this.  I was fortunate enough yesterday to be invited to White Hart Lane for the FA Cup tie against Millwall (Don´t hold it against me, I like football!)  Every time Heung-min Son received the ball the Millwall fans were making some sort of screeching noise as loud as you like that could be heard all around the ground.  I for one at the game could not make it out but it was obviously derogatory.  I have since learned it was possibly them shouting DVD as a racist term.  Now if you did not hear this (you may have done on the TV also), then really you would pretty much have to be stone deaf.  Now here is my point.  I was at the other end of the ground and the Management teams were at least 60 yards nearer on the halfway line and then I see press conferences where they say they didn’t hear it!  This is not the first time either.  It just baffles me beyond belief!  What were they doing?  I don´t wear the argument that “I´m too wrapped up and concentrating on the game”.  So am I but I heard it, the workmen in the cranes heard it.  Actually thinking about it now the same person heard his name called and waved to the crowd so hows that work?  Ok, Ok I know what your thinking too, they have to be diplomatic and don’t want to get embroiled in the argument.  I understand that, but come on don’t insult thousands of peoples intelligence.  Id prefer, “I heard something but wasn’t aware of what it actually was” or the like.  Theres other ways to be diplomatic. The other chap up the road also has made a name for himself by claiming “I didn’t see it” whenever something remotely controversial against his team pops up.  Now if I was a Director paying him millions of pounds a year and he didn’t watch the game I´m sure I would want to get my own eyes tested!    Enjoy your day all and thanks for reading.

Best Ever Six Pointer?

Better people than me out there that can remember these things but what would you say is the best six pointer you have ever seen?  At Wroxham on Saturday some quarters described our match as exactly that, I´d say it was a little too early but with the teams at the bottom all playing each other in recent weeks and days to come each match takes on more significance.  Tonight we travel to WARE FC who have found themselves at the wrong end once again like us and dare someone say this is a sixer?  Most certainly we entertain BRENTWOOD TOWN on Saturday and will need to gain revenge for our 3-2 defeat earlier in the season.  Its all about breathing space at the bottom now with both Wroxham and Great Wakering surely with too big a mountain to climb.  There are mooted changes to league formats once again at the end of the season too, but one thing I would like to see always is promotion and relegation whatever changes.  I think clubs and fans want it too, it always gives us that new place to visit feel, well usually.  Anyway a little waffle for you on Valentines Day.  Comments always welcome.

The AA

The FA System sucks…

I thought it fit to amend this post now as Darrelle has returned to the fold.  Ironic really as BTFC didnt work out and a brief stint at Cheshunt failed to work also.  Now back at the club Darrelle has started to score goals again, funny that…welcome back mate..

So I learn a short while ago today one of our best players Darrelle Russell has gone to Billericay Town who keep putting umpteen 7 day approaches in for what ever player we have that does well. They havent even looked at him. As a lifelong Waltham Abbey FC supporter lets just say Im f**king fuming. Theres no point in a club like ours getting good players cos every c**t comes in and takes them. The system is all wrong, we cant protect our club and even begin to think about doing well again. Yes even at our level its all about money and it runs right down the leagues. One Premier players wages for ONE week, yes ONE week would finance our club for probably 2/3 YEARS yet to get all these so called grants that are on offer to build better facilities you need 50% yourself. So tell me with attendances of around 100 where would we get 500k to build a new million pound clubhouse or changing rooms cos thats what it costs…F**ling Fuming today…. rant done..


On  that note I wish Darelle all the best, hes beena good servant to the club, lovely lad.  Good Luck

The Big Kick Off…and I´m not there :-(

Matt Attard V Bury Town 2015

Matt Attard V Bury Town 2015

Sat 13th August 2016 and the Ryman League has the big kick off whilst all the talk is about the FA Premier League.  Millions of pounds spent across the country and yet one big transfer fee would transform a whole set of lower league clubs in one go.  Somehow that always grinds me and doesnt seem right.  Well anyway once again due to work commitments I will miss the opening day and for a few weeks yet, up until around second week in October to be almost precise.  Its these times when I pray for a good FA Cup and Trophy draw and hope that we are still in at least one when I get back.  Anyone who is a football fan also knows that emptiness of the close season, itching for the leagues to start and usually get bathed in sunshine on the first day.  It was almost the same on Cup Final day, the sun always shone over Wembley and you didnt need the Met Office!  Today Waltham Abbey travel to Bury Town in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and Im particulary peaved as I always enjoy my visits there.  Having met Chairman Russell Ward and his lovely wife Karen at the Ryman League presentation night a few years back, I´d like to say we have become friends and we always put the world of football to rights after the match over a beer or two.  Next week I will be fretting over the home match with Bowers and Pitsea whome we play in the FA Cup early round.  the FA Cup at our level is always a big game for me.  Not only can it bring much needed money into the club but in my eyes its more about the publicity it can bring to the club and the town.  Apart from a magnificent church and an old mate called King Harold reputedly buried here, what else can heap publicity on the town like the FA Cup?  A run to the first round would be a magnificent achievement and make people sit up and notice.  Thats why I fret early part of the season.  I didnt have to worry too much last year, we lost 1-0 to Welwyn Garden City in the first effort.  Not a good year.  So for today, good luck to all sides who are about to set out trying to achive their dreams.  Remember there are always more losers than winners in football, buy hey now and again please, let us have a slice!   See ya soon.

All done and dusted?

AFC Wimbledon go up to League One, Barnsley to the Championship and Hull City returned to the Premiership.   All through the play offs at Wembley and good luck to them.  I cant help feeling though that something aint right even though I enjoy the excitement of it all.  I remember when Waltham Abbey won through to the Ryman Premier League in 2009, how nervous I was and how I felt. The thing is I didnt even get to see any of the games as I was working and living in Spain at the time.  When the news came through I dont mind telling you, I ran down the street In Marbella screaming like a little kid.  So I get all the excitement etc but what I dont get is all the glamour that comes with it.  Somehow it just doesnt sit right with me that play off winners get a Trophy presented like an FA Cup final and all the glitz, fireworks and the like that go with it.  A medal, yeah thats fair enough, a momento but thats as far as it goes with me.  It also seems that play off promotion is the way to go.  Why finish second and go up automatically when you  can win at Wembley and lift a cup!  And all those fans that turn up never to be seen again!  Just my thoughts, thats all.  Anyone else feel the same?

Another after thought, Cup Finals at Wembley these days.  What happened to the fans of both teams staying behind after the cup is lifted and watching the laps of honour and applauding both sides?  When ever Ive watched one end always seems to empty straight away.  Maybe if everyone stayed like they used to in the old days some of the old FA Cup magic would come back?  Just a thought.

That’s how a Derby should be…

So Leicester win the league and fair play to them. The eyes of the country were all on the Chelsea v Tottenham clash (should I use that word) on Monday 2nd May 2016. Nothing but a Tottenham win would delay the inevitable for Leicester.  It didn’t disappoint. Yellow cards were handed out like confetti, managers and officials were in the middle of scuffles tackles and meelies galore. And do you know what? Not a football fan in the country didn’t enjoy it!  A good old fashioned Derby just like “the old days”. It showed everything fans want to see.  But the game has been sanitized so much that the wigs at the FA will be rubbing their hands this morning and the bank manager will join in with glee.  OK you probably know which side of the fence I’m on but John Terry had it spot on with his interview after. It’s a Derby, points are at stake, we were champions, they are rivals  we didn’t want them to win it, all those things etc etc and he said “it’s done, the FA should let it go”.  That’s how it should be in my book. Trial by television and the media condemning the behaviour like 22 mass murderers were out in force.  Lets be fair both teams were and are no angels, it was just a tough game of football.  In my experience no soft team has ever won anything and I’d say that includes Leicester.  Even Robert Huth said that game made him look like an angel so he must a have hard opinion of himself! Tell me Liverpool with Souness and McMahan were soft when they won everything?

Like I said not a person in the country didn’t enjoy that game no matter who you support.  Just a few of my thoughts while the FA type out the charge sheets.

Relegation a real reality

So we go to the last day of the season in true Sky Sports style hoping that we can win or at least draw and other results go our way. Can we afford to rely on others, well now it’s possible because that’s exactly  what we have to do.  Relegation does not bare thinking about…
Fight the good fight

A defeat is a calamity, results going our way is a god send.   So many times in football we have heard that phrase “your too good to go down”. Ok we ain’t really quite in the too good league but we can certainly be a better side than what we are.  The evidence is there, take the AFC Sudbury away win for example and the fantastic comeback against Bury Town. It’s been a season of frustration and despair with what started off as optimism and the hope of glory!  Who would have foreseen that the appointment of ex professional League winner Martin Hayes as Manager would actually take the club backwards. Many felt it was already on a sliding slope but couldn’t get any worse when promising such high hopes.  Any hope of team, let alone club spirit appeared to drain away with defeat after defeat. All the comments were and general consensus was that we were playing well, some great football in fact and we will come good soon. But the rot never stopped and the roots were growing longer into the mire.  It could not be doubted Hayes is a nice fella and knows his stuff but is level 4 football below his footballing ability mentality wise?  The players could not respond and one by one our so called best players left and finally he realised the journey was over.  No regrets all round, we gave it a go and it didn’t work. Simple. That’s football.  So let’s bring us back to today. The footballs pretty much the same, the same decision making mistakes that cost us are there but the team and club spirit has changed and this gives us belief for the future.  We just need this one big Saturday to go our way and we are back in the game.  Fresh start and all that.  We cannot rely on FA reprieves, we don’t want to rely on other results although we have to, either way we need to win to go out pride intact.  In my time and my knowledge no Waltham Abbey FC team had ever been relegated until we fell out of the Ryman Premier Division in 2010, once is enough.

WAFC v Redbridge Sat 23rd April 2016 3-00pm Capershotts, Sewardstone Road, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 1NX

Foul Or No Foul?

Just thought I´d make a small post while I´m passing, on Monday night I managed to grab a half hour of the Under 21 side containing a youthful Alex Brooks helping out the youngsters.  Spraying the ball around and still complaining about the pitch!  At 0-1 with seconds to go an Abbey forwardYouthful prepared to shoot when the ball was whipped away from him and he went tumbling.  Around eight of us in the stand were just about to say “What a great tackle” when the ref pointed to the spot.  Needless to say 1-1 the final score from then on.  We all looked in disbelief but were not about to change his mind for him!  Footballs a funny game, last night I watched the first team play Dereham Town at home and twice the number two from the visitors was clearly fouled by Kizzi and Co and nothing given.  We wonder what we watch Barkingside Away 201415sometimes even if it does go our way!  Saturday we racked up five at Cricklewoods the home of Ilford when we played Barkingside.  Think we have problems at times but boy they got their work cut out.  Never used to like Barkingside but after what Redbridge done to them at their ground, I hope they stay up.  Was a fair weekend to be fair.

More ramblings soon..everywhere we go were the Abbey boys at the Jason Mallet shooooooow

Spurs 2 Abbotts 2

Of all the weekends to go away I had to travel to Scotland on the day Tottenham were playing Arsenal at White Hart Lane.  I wouldnt have been there as you know, well maybe, I would have been at Brentwood Town watching the Abbotts.  Well it was a mixed day I suppose, I watched the Spurs win 2-1 on social media with some lad running up and down the train to Glasgow at the final whistle.  Whatever floats your boat.  Hallett scores early for the Abbotts but the journey became gloomy as we went 3-1 down eventually losing 3-2 to a Brentwood side who are up there this season.  Hallett hit both.

Still, watching all the Goons squirm on social media later was an experience, after that they all disappeared until tonight, the time of writing.  A three day sleep.  Spurs are back to normal service resumed with a 3-2 loss at Liverpool while the Goons send the library back to sleep with a narrow 2-1 win over bottom club Leicester.  Have to say it was  a cracking game on TV at Liverpool and I would think no football fan would deny that.

I did manage to see some football this weekendish though, I took my little Sunday son (Alf) to White Hart Lane last night to watch the Under 18’s play Manchester United in the FA Youth Cup fifth round.   2408 wasnt a bad crowd with a fair chunk of Man Utd fans coming in from London. Come on they aint come down have they!  It was a great game of football and I was suitably impressed by the standard, both sides playing some great stuff and possessing great trickery.  Spurs took the lead and Man Utd equalised with their first shot but eventually the home side ran out 3-1 winners.  The crowd were in good form too, there is a section who only go to the Youth and Under 21 games and sing their hearts out.  Some of the songs were a bit choice but they wernt doing any harm and seem to enjoy themselves.  The whistling in me ear was a pain though.  Well worth a look for only a fiver and pound for kids.  NO hassle parking and the refreshments are open if you got a spare 100 quid lol.  Anyway away again this weekend so I’m guessing any footie will be watched on TV once again.

See ya soon, amen  Abbey Abbott


Abbey Blog and History Site

Back in the 90’s I used to have a site called Capershotts.com.  It was all about the history of Waltham Abbey Football Club and not current stuff.  I had started to build the site mainly to post old memories of times at the Abbey and try to gain interest from people in the town, old players, fans etc and generally friends who had some great times in the 70’s and 80’s.  Due to an error on my part this site was lost but recently I managed to find some old files on computer and think I may just be able to recover them.  Also with the advent of new technology it looks like its even easier now to build decent websites and get up and running pretty quick.  Now I’m not saying this one is going to be quick, by any means, but I’m going to try and make an effort to place as much of my old stuff online as possible, its about time.  So if you have stumbled upon this site, thanks for looking, over the next few weeks it will take shape.