My Life and I

The Abbey Abbott

Our Approach

My Outlook

Ive been through many things, good and bad,  over my half century plus of years and age teaches you lots of lessons in life.  Everyday is a day to enjoy new things, embrace whats around you because you are a long time dead.  I prefer the saying "laugh and the whole world laughs with you" to the opposite, "cry and you cry alone".

Our Story

My Story

Basically I want to make the most of the small time I have on this planet, make others smile and do the best I can.  I have many faults, like everyone, we are yet to meet the perfect person, when I do I won't be able to write anymore.

Life Experiences

Some things about my life, football involvement, work career and hobbies etc, coming soon, no need to click anywhere yet!



My Life In Football

My first memories of football were watching Man City win the Fairs Cup on a Black and White TV in 1969...


Life at Work

Paper Boy to Paradise?

Remembering having to go to work, is that something we want to write about?


Holidays and Travel

I have been lucky to be able to travel, here are a few stories.

Mexico to the Maldives, Tottenham to Tokyo!

Next Steps...

Want to know more? Come and watch Waltham Abbey FC and I'm always up for a chat...