On this page I would like to remember some and as many of the persons who have either served the club, played for us or supported the club in some capacity.  If anyone would like to leave a memory they would be most welcome.  It is not my intetention to leave anyone out so please feel free to share memories if only in name. I am aware of many a player from the early years who have now left us, I would be delighted to add their names.

Stephen Woodward, Stan Hodges, John King, David Goatley, Andy King, Joe Harley, Phil Doyle, Tom Flynn, Brian Wright, Alfie Adams, Dave Robertson, Derek Ridgewell, John May, John May, Denis Esau, Roy Ackrill, Ian Mitchell, Dominic Gentle, Gary Rudkin, Peter White, Joe Kox, Reg Hennessey, Dennis Cordell, Val Cordell, Pat Ridgewell, Dave Peck, Taffy Evans, Billy Broomfield, Arthur Kemp, Dick Pritchard, Tess Smith, Bill Whiten, Pop Whiten, Steve Hall, Sid Burbridge.