About The AA

cartoon-monk-with-beer-mugI was born and bred in Waltham Abbey and having travelled and worked abroad for many years the Town has always  remained my favourite place and I feel a certain affinity with it.  I think a lot of “ex-pats” from the Town do.
Growing up I was lucky enough to have played football for Waltham Abbey United as a Youth, even though we got thrashed every week and since I have spent many years at the football club for better or for worse.  When the game gets in you, it stays in the blood.  Trust me Ive tried to let go but when Saturday comes…

Apart from the football club,  I love the history of the Town.  The old photos fascinate me, how things used to be even as far back as when I was a kid. I have great memories growing up and seeing all the changes, some for the good some not so good.  To this day that awful motorway bugs me riding straight through our once great playing fields.  In fact I hate it.

I still live in the Town when I’m not away working and I used to be able to say most people in town knew me.  However over time the town has changed so much and I believe the once thriving community has dwindled sadly over the years with pub closures, lack of community spirit at times and the like.  I used to be able to walk in any pub and chat to someone I knew, sadly not the case these days. One thing I used to love was the great days of the Carnival, oh i’d love to see them again.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my site, it’s taking time to build but whilst primarily a site for the history of Waltham Abbey Football Club(s) I hope to add other things of interest as we go, for example memories of the road I grew up in and places we played and got our knees dirty when we were kids.

So, Waltham Abbey, you have my heart.  One day when I retire you’ll see me in my habit walking the street and promoting the Town.


if you want to contact me you can find me on facebook The Abbey Abbott Im always looking for Waltham Abbey FC programmes, memorabilia, press cuttings anything of interest, get in touch!  Thanks