Didn’t hear it, didn’t see it…

I feel like I´m due a little moan up and I´m wondering what everyone else thinks about this issue.  It may only be relevant to those who were around yesterday but I´m sure all football fans can relate in someway to this.  I was fortunate enough yesterday to be invited to White Hart Lane for the FA Cup tie against Millwall (Don´t hold it against me, I like football!)  Every time Heung-min Son received the ball the Millwall fans were making some sort of screeching noise as loud as you like that could be heard all around the ground.  I for one at the game could not make it out but it was obviously derogatory.  I have since learned it was possibly them shouting DVD as a racist term.  Now if you did not hear this (you may have done on the TV also), then really you would pretty much have to be stone deaf.  Now here is my point.  I was at the other end of the ground and the Management teams were at least 60 yards nearer on the halfway line and then I see press conferences where they say they didn’t hear it!  This is not the first time either.  It just baffles me beyond belief!  What were they doing?  I don´t wear the argument that “I´m too wrapped up and concentrating on the game”.  So am I but I heard it, the workmen in the cranes heard it.  Actually thinking about it now the same person heard his name called and waved to the crowd so hows that work?  Ok, Ok I know what your thinking too, they have to be diplomatic and don’t want to get embroiled in the argument.  I understand that, but come on don’t insult thousands of peoples intelligence.  Id prefer, “I heard something but wasn’t aware of what it actually was” or the like.  Theres other ways to be diplomatic. The other chap up the road also has made a name for himself by claiming “I didn’t see it” whenever something remotely controversial against his team pops up.  Now if I was a Director paying him millions of pounds a year and he didn’t watch the game I´m sure I would want to get my own eyes tested!    Enjoy your day all and thanks for reading.

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