Footballs gone soft #2

So clubs are now complaining about the state visiting teams are leaving their changing rooms. What next, leaving sock ties on the pitch and oranges in the dugouts.  Really come on, it’s football ffs.  As long as there’s no damage what is the actual problem? Clubs have always had cleaners. Are a few tea cups, plastic bottles and pitch mud really causing that much a problem?  It must be fantastic for the clubs with 3/4g pitches but that’s not proper football anyway! I draw the line at banging boots on the walls  that’s just bad manners. Ok guys use the bins provided and not the floor but to keep whinging about it surely there’s better things to worry about at football?  Must be me, call me old fashioned. What about the days when clubs would leave the heater on when it’s 100 degrees in the summer and leave windows open when it’s 10 below in darkest winter.  I guess everyone is rolling out the red carpet now! “Welcome to the club old chap, have a wonderful stay”. Yeah right …..

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