The FA System sucks…

I thought it fit to amend this post now as Darrelle has returned to the fold.  Ironic really as BTFC didnt work out and a brief stint at Cheshunt failed to work also.  Now back at the club Darrelle has started to score goals again, funny that…welcome back mate..

So I learn a short while ago today one of our best players Darrelle Russell has gone to Billericay Town who keep putting umpteen 7 day approaches in for what ever player we have that does well. They havent even looked at him. As a lifelong Waltham Abbey FC supporter lets just say Im f**king fuming. Theres no point in a club like ours getting good players cos every c**t comes in and takes them. The system is all wrong, we cant protect our club and even begin to think about doing well again. Yes even at our level its all about money and it runs right down the leagues. One Premier players wages for ONE week, yes ONE week would finance our club for probably 2/3 YEARS yet to get all these so called grants that are on offer to build better facilities you need 50% yourself. So tell me with attendances of around 100 where would we get 500k to build a new million pound clubhouse or changing rooms cos thats what it costs…F**ling Fuming today…. rant done..


On  that note I wish Darelle all the best, hes beena good servant to the club, lovely lad.  Good Luck

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