All done and dusted?

AFC Wimbledon go up to League One, Barnsley to the Championship and Hull City returned to the Premiership.   All through the play offs at Wembley and good luck to them.  I cant help feeling though that something aint right even though I enjoy the excitement of it all.  I remember when Waltham Abbey won through to the Ryman Premier League in 2009, how nervous I was and how I felt. The thing is I didnt even get to see any of the games as I was working and living in Spain at the time.  When the news came through I dont mind telling you, I ran down the street In Marbella screaming like a little kid.  So I get all the excitement etc but what I dont get is all the glamour that comes with it.  Somehow it just doesnt sit right with me that play off winners get a Trophy presented like an FA Cup final and all the glitz, fireworks and the like that go with it.  A medal, yeah thats fair enough, a momento but thats as far as it goes with me.  It also seems that play off promotion is the way to go.  Why finish second and go up automatically when you  can win at Wembley and lift a cup!  And all those fans that turn up never to be seen again!  Just my thoughts, thats all.  Anyone else feel the same?

Another after thought, Cup Finals at Wembley these days.  What happened to the fans of both teams staying behind after the cup is lifted and watching the laps of honour and applauding both sides?  When ever Ive watched one end always seems to empty straight away.  Maybe if everyone stayed like they used to in the old days some of the old FA Cup magic would come back?  Just a thought.

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